JHammondC is Hammond Chamberlain. I am a father, husband and would-be creator of many things. For a while I worked in theater building sets, hanging lights, and running shows. I have been a professional harmonica player. For the last few years I have been been working to learn how to play the amazing Chapman Stick. I have written short stories and plays, but never really shared them with anyone. I have always felt the need to be creative. It brings me peace and joy.

Beyond the Playlist with JHammondC is a podcast that I created to explore that need to create. I talk to creative people in all disciplines. I have interviewed writers, pod-casters, artists, filmmakers, actors, and musicians. There is are two things that I am learning: one, increasingly creative people are not focusing on a single aspect anymore, and two, There seems to be an intrinsic need to create that can be found in everyone. I feel that it just needs to be nurtured.

I used to be on GrumpyCast. I co-hosted with Darrell Skeels (The Trek Nerd). And later we added Joey Image.  We talked freely about things that – well – make us grumpy. Sometimes the topics are light hearted complaining about trivial things, other times we talk about real issues that are affecting us in our lives. Either way it is fun to complain and share what’s bothering me with someone else is an open setting like that. Even though I am no longer on the show, I feel very connected to it and my friends that continue to carry the grumpy torch.

Booth at the End Podcast is a show that I Co-Hosted with Joel Robertson (Forgotten Flix). We went into a full in depth conversation about the Hulu Original Series Booth at the End. This is an amazing show and I am really happy about getting the chance to do the podcast with Joel.

Brian Ibbott and I are hosting Soundography. This is a show that I am taking a lot of pride in. We go deep into popular music. One band at a time. We look at their history, their entire catalog and more.

Recently, I have been making regular appearances on The Citadel Cafe with Joel Duggan. I really enjoy spending time talking to him about whatever nerdy or geeky things that I have been consuming.

In September of 2017, Hammond started The Climb Out Network with his wife Stacy. Together they work with an incredible set of therapists and specialists to help promote long term sobriety through a podcast and a sober living community. That show last about a year and now all of the episodes live on Archive.org. 

Hammond now works as an editor and producer on Women Kick Ass, Current Geek, and many many others.